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Mindful Elegance: It is your own self image that you pour on the world that you see and experience

In the tapestry of our daily lives, the lens through which we perceive the world is uniquely
crafted by the self-image we carry. This self-image, a mosaic of our beliefs, experiences,
and aspirations, becomes the paintbrush with which we color our interactions and

The concept is simple yet profound: the world we see is, in many ways, a reflection of our
own self-image. It’s not about mystical forces or external influences; rather, it’s an
exploration of the internal landscape that shapes our external reality.

Consider for a moment the ripple effect of self-perception. How we view ourselves
influences the energy we bring into a room, the way we interpret events, and the
connections we form. It’s the silent artist behind the canvas, creating the masterpiece of
our existence.

The Transcendent Heart

A transcendent heart goes beyond surface concerns, cultivating a mindset of deep understanding, compassion, and resilience, fostering interconnectedness and finding meaning in everyday experiences.

Embracing a transcendent heart in our everyday pursuits brings profound benefits to our lives. By approaching worldly activities with a broader perspective and a deeper understanding, we find ourselves navigating challenges with enhanced resilience, fostering creativity, and cultivating more meaningful relationships. This balanced approach encourages a heightened sense of presence, gratitude, and an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning. Join us on this journey of blending the practical with the profound, discovering how a transcendent heart enriches our daily experiences and contributes to a more purposeful and fulfilling existence.

Wear the Magic / Be the Mystery

The Divine Heart

Uncover a realm of unblemished beauty beyond ordinary perception—an infinite bliss untouched by decay. Picture a boundless freshness where the heart, devoid of divisions, resides in a realm of love and understanding—a principle ever new, complete, and all-encompassing.

Marvel at the wonders that unfold beyond our familiar senses.

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery

Fascinating Freedom

Embark on a journey through the evolving nature of human consciousness. There was a time when man, connected to a higher understanding, shifted into the complexities of soul and flesh. As we descended into the tangible world, our perception of truth became distorted, and the harmony of divine energy transformed into disharmony. The mind, once attuned to the eternal present, began navigating through illusions of past and future, birthing a realm of dreams and distortions. Within this mental realm, humanity crafted its own struggles and suffering, a self-imposed journey through imperfect thoughts. The light of understanding became obscured by clouds of our creation, misty energies formed by imperfect minds. This cloud, an illusionary devil, deludes and shapes our fears, leading us to seek comfort in the pleasure-driven ego. Yet, amidst this journey, a crucial lesson emerges: the importance of silencing the mind. In navigating the maze of our mental constructs, the key to unraveling our self-made illusions lies in finding stillness within. Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!

Life Principles: Unveiling The Adventure Within

Embark on a journey guided by life principles that shape our thoughts and purpose. Imagine the ultimate goal as being a perfect mirror, reflecting the beautiful attributes of our transcendent inner being. Love, in this adventure, transcends self-centered motives, embracing the desire for loved ones to reach higher, blissful states. In the realm of relationships, discover the signs that create companionship for shared rest, intertwined with love and mercy. Picture your desire as an externalization of a blissful inner state, a quest for peace by accepting being as it is. These principles become beacons lighting the path, steering us toward a life adorned with beauty, love, and harmony. Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!

True Elegance

Embark on a quest to explore the concept of the Absolute Divine Being, often referred to as God—the unbounded essence of all existence. Delve into the notion that believers perceive the divine through the lens of their beliefs, creating a mosaic of opinions rather than concrete knowledge. Picture it like water taking on the color of the cup. Contemplate the idea that the Absolute Being remains unrestricted, free from containment within the beliefs of its observers. It is the very essence of all things and itself—an expansive force that defies confinement. In your journey, discover true elegance in the ability to recognize the divine in every form and belief. As you navigate these ideas, you unveil the mystery of the Absolute, a force unbounded by the limitations of human perception.

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!

The Objective Witness

Embark on the journey of self-discovery, where our first responsibility is to unravel the distortions of egoism and become impartial witnesses, reflecting a profound presence in the world.

The purpose of human life unfolds as the pursuit of knowledge, delving into the dimensions of reality through an unbiased understanding of ourselves.

A key principle in this adventure is to release judgments, allowing us to see more and fostering a transformative journey toward nobility of character.

Instead of blaming or passing judgment, be an objective witness to your experiences. by observing the stream of the judging mind without interference, enter a realm of self-knowledge, paving the way for authentic change and intentional transformation.

In this pursuit, consciousness accompanies inner urges, leading to a shift in character quality.

Abandon opinions, embrace objectivity, and serve in love as you navigate this extraordinary expedition within.

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!

The Way Of Thought

Humanity is a Microcosm of the Macrocosm. A small copy containing all the Inner Forces of the Universe. Those Forces comprise Thoughts that we manifest in our outer worlds. The 4 Realms of Thought become more tainted moving away from their origin: Sublime / Serene / Self Absorbed / Malevolent. Contemplation (Awareness) can create Elegance in Thought / Word / Deed.

Reconciling all Opposites Within.

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!

The Mystery Of Unconditional Love

Unlock the secrets of profound human connection: the force of unconditional love,

a power that shapes our existence. Discover its roots in the simple yet profound moments

of parental care, motherly hugs, and gentle guidance. This fundamental experience, often

elusive, holds the key to a lifetime of understanding and sharing love. without It,

individuals may wander through various avenues, seeking a connection they missed in

childhood. Unravel the mysteries of human behavior, realizing that the absence of

love can breed adversity and shape our interactions. Explore the depths of this primal

longing, for in understanding and sharing love, we find the foundation of our humanity.

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!


Embark on a captivating exploration into the essence of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God—a beacon of

divine kingship, leadership, and boundless creative force that breathes life into existence.

Witness the majesty of his daily odyssey across the sky, a celestial dance echoing renewal

and cosmic equilibrium, mirroring life’s timeless cycle of birth, demise, and resurgence,

The “Eye of Ra” unveils itself as a potent emblem, a watchful guardian symbolizing not

just protection but a universal thread of interconnectedness woven through the tapestry

of our adventurous journey.

What’s more Majestic then aligning with the Almighty, harmonized with His Cosmic Forces?

Wear the Magic / Embrace the Mystery!